Welcome to the Zen Arts Class painting gallery of Mullai Rajan, a prolific artist from Chennai, India.

Zen Arts is an individual online art gallery specialized in selling original paintings signed by me C. Mullai Rajan. If you want to buy original painting for your home, office, restaurants etc you can simply place an order of the painting you wish to buy through this site or you can contact me directly. I will also be providing you an authentication certificate.

I would like to introduce myself as an emerging Indian artist offering online paintings, original abstract paintings, figurative paintings, Realistic paintings, Landscape paintings, contemporary paintings in oil, acrylic art paintings. My online showcases the finest of positive art, which not only adds a touch of class to your home or office, and also fills it with a positive, energizing vibration. It was my pleasure to announce the opening of www.buyartspaintings.com in December 2009. The goal of the website is to provide quality artwork thus saving 85% of the consumer’s disbursement and also satisfying their needs.

I basically developed my skills on my own. I learned some basics in my high school art class. In college, I attended several life-drawing classes, and always studied the great masters at museums. I will provide an assurance on behalf of the seller that each piece of art, which we offer for sale on the site, is a genuine work of mine. The artworks are further screened and authenticated by affiliated experts.

I have participated in various exhibitions that have taken place; I get immense pleasure in letting you know the events in which I participated. Now I would like to give you a short description of the types of paintings I am working with. I use oils, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and other art stuffs in paintings. The different types of painting down in ZenArts are as follows:

Abstract Paintings: It's the subject of the painting, and the point of the painting. There isn't anything to worry about "Getting" or "understanding", it's about the sheer beauty and impact of color on your sense and emotions. Abstract art does not employ subject matter that is obvious as either the anecdote or familiar objects, yet it must appeal to our experience in some way.

Realistic Paintings: Realistic Painting is a style which often seems more real than reality, with detail down to the last grain of sand and wrinkle on someone's face. Where nothing is left out, nothing is too insignificant or unimportant not to be included in the painting. Realism is the art style most people regard as "real art", where the subject of the painting looks very much like it appears in real life.

Figurative Paintings: Figurative teaches a lesson through symbolism. It communicates its message by means of symbolic figures, actions or symbolic representation. Figurative art is generally treated as a figure of rhetoric, but a Figurative art does not have to be expressed in language: it may be addressed to the eye, and is often found in realistic painting, sculpture or some other form of mimetic or representative art.

Landscape Paintings: There’s something about a spectacular landscape that makes my fingers itch to capture its essence on canvas, to be able to create a landscape painting that generates the same intense emotion in someone who views the painting as the landscape did in me. If you needed any incentive besides the beauty of a landscape to tackle a landscape painting, there's also the fact that landscapes are one of the top-selling subjects for paintings.

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